Invisible Fire of Osho’s Love with Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun

On his annual winter tour of North America, Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun stopped at Osho Nirvana (link: near San Diego, for a three-day meditation retreat with 55 attendees. Arun’s upcoming retreats include Daytona Beach, FL (Feb. 2 – 4), Dallas, TX (Feb. 16 – 18), and a special one-day event in Las Vegas (Feb. 24).

Touching the freely available energy of divine bliss through meditation, this retreat was a reminder of our daily choice to increase meditation opportunities in society until 1% of the world’s population is meditating, which would, according to Osho, change the course of humanity. America can become a Meditation Nation to save itself and inspire others.

At the end of this retreat, held January 26 – 28, participants sat outdoors by the swimming pool where the fragrance of orange blossoms filled the sunset air. A colorful mix of long-time and brand new disciples commented on their experience of a wonderful weekend of meditation and the invisible fire of Osho’s living love. With deepest gratitude to Swami Arun and Osho,  friends share in their own words:

Ma Deva Liberty
From Sedona, AZ
Sannyas Year: 1979

“This is my second time visiting Osho Nirvana and participating in the retreat with Swami Arun. This time, the meditations were very creative and went very deep. Lots of tears, lots of awareness. Swami Arun is magical!”

Swami Murali
From San Diego, CA
Sannyas Year: 1999

“Every Osho event is a mystery and it always offers some jewels of the inner world. The group this time is so special and especially the majority are new, young and energetic. Swami Arun is always the biggest inspiration for inner journey and also more so for expanding Osho’s work. “

Computer Engineer
From Santa Clara, CA

“I realized it’s a long and hard journey but there is no alternative to taking the journey of knowing one’s self. Just to know what I want is a long journey. But one thing is there are multiple dimensions to what we are. I don’t know what the destination is so the only thing immediately known is to be true to what is known at that time. Emotion or heart is the center which is illogical, it is not calculating, that dimension is worth following“

Swami Shunyo Mahom
From Valley Center, CA
Sannyas Year: 1981

“Love upon love upon love, dancing and celebrating with the Master. Osho still lives in the hearts of His crazy beloved friends. The weather, hugs, and food were delicious, not in that order. So grateful for Arun’s magical shaktipad, the real deal. Osho Lives!“

From Los Angeles, CA

“It’s been a long time since I met so many happy people. And the whole environment was very comforting and something that was able to get me in touch with myself. There were moments after doing something very dynamic where I could actually feel the silence. I would absolutely recommend this for people working in the corporate world as I feel it help them get centered.”

Name: Swami Dhyan Prabin
From Dhangadhi, Nepal
Sannyas Year: 2011

“When you are not on a spiritual path, there are so many other things that you can do for fun, like drinking and smoking. They are fun to do at first, but later when you think about it, they aren’t fun. But sannyas is one of those things that is fun at present, and years later, is still fun. Through Swami Arun I got connected to Osho. He was a bridge for me. Arun is just so rare.”

Ma Prem Sarita
From Los Angeles
Sannyas Year: 2018

“I wanted a master who’s available and he’s here. My meditation this morning was completely different. There was more flow, more energy, more power. It was easy. Arun is a gift. “

Swami Prem Subarna
From Baltimore, MD

“I traveled far to sit at the feet of Swami Anand Arun and feel Osho’s magnificence. Osho Nirvana is a wonderful ashram with wonderful, warm people. Deepest gratitude for bringing sunshine to a dark winter. Now I feel healed and ready to meet life as it is.”

Swami Dhyan Prabuddha
From Los Angeles, CA
Sannyas Year: 2018

“I appreciated feeling the love of this community, learning some details of spiritual mysteries, and merging into a stream of awareness in which knowledge and mysteries dissolve. Special thanks to Swami Arun for bringing in the energy of Osho, his giving heart, and sharing his vast experience with us.”

Ma Deva Prabha
From Imperial, Ca
Sannyas Year: 2013

“I am enjoying having a group that I can share my meditation practice with. I like the caring atmosphere we share with each other. There’s a lot of compassion here.”