40-day Online Meditation Sessions Dec 11 to Jan 19

During these challenging times, Osho Nirvana is offering several online Meditation Sessions for the community via Zoom. We invite you to join these sessions. Registration is required only once per session.

40-day Osho Dynamic Meditation session
Starts 6:00 am PDT on Zoom
Meeting ID: 895 4576 7249. Join here

40-day Art of Listening - Osho Discourse - The Golden Future
Starts 7:30 am PDT on Zoom
Meeting ID: 885 3545 1640. Join here

Daily Osho Kundalini Meditation session
Starts 4:00 pm PDT on Zoom
Meeting ID: 878 9927 9445. Join here

40-Day Osho Nadabramha Meditation session
Starts 8:30 pm PDT on Zoom
Meeting ID: 876 6523 7013. Join here


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Osho Nirvana is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization & runs on contributions and donations from friends like you. We are also on PayPal giving fund website, no fees and direct receipts.
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