Bardo Thodol – The Essential Bardo Teachings with Tenzin Lama Sherpa

November 23, 2022 @ 6:00 am – November 27, 2022 @ 2:00 pm
Osho Nirvana
Osho Nirvana

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We at Osho Nirvana, heartily invite you this 5-Day Bardo Thodol Retreat With Lama Tenzin.

The Bardo Thodol is the most well-known dying process is the Tibetan Buddhist scripture.
OSHO refers to it as Tibet’s most significant contribution to the world.

The basic message is to:

“simply let go of everything on your own accord. Relax, and accept death without any antagonism as a culmination of life, as a natural phenomenon. It ends nothing. Remain conscious and watch what is happening – how the body starts becoming more and more distant from you, how the mind starts falling into pieces as if a mirror has fallen and broken into pieces, how your emotions, sentiments, moods…everything that made your life starts disappearing. It is the end of a dream. That is the fundamental point in Bardo, that you have lived a dream that you call life, a seventy-year-long dream. It is coming to an end….” Osho 

Death is one of the most misunderstood and mysterious topic.
During this retreat Lama Tenzin will share various dimensions of death and insights that will help us understand this process.

Some of the teachings involve:

  • Meditation:
    • Tonglen,
    • Vipassana,
    • Death & Impermanence,
    • Clear light and Visualization
  • Death of spiritual masters, spiritual practitioners, general people
  • The Six Intermedia states (Bardo)
  • Preparation for death
  • Helping others who are dying
  • Delog and Rainbow body phenomenons
  • Peaceful and wrathful Deities
  • Phowa practice
  • Karma and Rebirth

This is a residential retreat suitable for both new and experienced seekers, no prior experience is needed.

We will start our days with Osho Active Meditation.

Safety is our top priority and we will be strictly following safety protocols.

Safety Protocols:
1. We are capping the participation to only 35 residential participants who are committed to stay in the Ashram for the entire duration of the retreat.

2. The retreat is open to fully vaccinated friends, or those who have recent PCR negative report.

3. Even if you are fully vaccinated and not feeling well, for safety of others please stay home. We will fully refund the participating fees

4. We will take temperature when you arrive and have you fill up a Covid-19 acknowledgement forms

5. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer  upon registration and covid screen form upon arrival. Please refer to questionnaire in the form covidscreeningform

DatesNov 23rd 6AM 2022 – Nov 27th 3PM, 2022

The retreat begins on the morning of  Wednesday, Nov 23rd followed by 5 full days of meditation, and ends in the evening of Sunday Nov 27th.

We would recommend friends to arrive at Ashram  by the evening of Tuesday, Nov 22nd so that you can be well rested before the event starts the following morning.

Daily Activities:  Osho Active Meditations | Bardo Dharma Teachings & Meditation | Mindful Walking | Mindful Eating | Osho Discourse

About the Teacher: The Bardo Thodol Retreat will be led by Ven. Tenzin Lama Sherpa.  Ordained at the age of 13, Ven. Lama is a Tibetan Buddhist Monk. He studied Tibetan Buddhism at the Namdroling Monastery in India.

Throughout his monastic life, Ven. Lama has received endless philosophical teachings, transmissions, and initiations from great lamas. Ven. Lama has taught Buddhism and led many meditation retreats in Nepal, India, Chile, Mexico, and the US.

Contribution : Single$499 | Couples: $800 | $40 dollars per night if you want to stay extra days.The fee covers shared Accommodation, Daily Vegetarian Meals, Tea/Coffee, & snacks.

Zoom Session/Online Contribution: $199

Limited private accommodation is also available, please email us at [email protected] to book.

Payment options: 

Send us contribution via Paypal to [email protected] (Friends and Family to avoid fees) – Make a note “Bardo Group”

or you can also use square to pay via cards:

Spaces are Limited – Register here ASAP.

Venue: Osho Nirvana, 14945 Ranch Creek Ln, Valley Center, CA 92082


As with any events, here are some guidelines that will help you to get the best out of the retreat:

  • Please feel free to bring any yoga mats or pillows if you have any favorites although some comfortable meditation chairs will be provided.
  • Meditations involve sitting, dancing and lying down so it is suggested that you wear loose clothes.
  • Since the event will be full of activities, it is suggested that you take plenty of rest before the event.
  • In consideration of people with sensitivities, please kindly refrain from using strong perfumes and other similar fragrances during the retreat.
  • We plan to do each session at the allocated time, so plan to be at the Meditation Hall 5-10 mins earlier than the scheduled time.

Please make note of the following rules:

  • Avoid using cell phones.
    • Let your family/friends know that you will be away for a personal retreat
  • You must be physically fit to participate and follow the schedule.
  • Do not participate if you have a serious mental disorder or emotional upheaval.
  • You are requested to commit to the whole process, partial participation will disturb you and others
  • Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants, and smoking is not allowed.

For more details: Visit: | Call 760.407.6746 or Email: [email protected]

Osho Nirvana is a California based 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization.

Those who have known death from inside lose all fear of death. – OSHO