Knowing Your Three Faces: Creating Abundance Through Self Awareness, Creativity & Innovation

March 27, 2020 @ 7:30 am – March 28, 2020 @ 4:30 pm
Osho Nirvana
14945 Ranch Creek Ln
Valley Center
CA 92082
Osho Nirvana

Knowing Your Three Faces: Creating Abundance Through Self Awareness, Creativity & Innovation
A Youth Workshop for ages 12-20 years

Teenage years have been an exciting time for transition into adulthood. Especially now the challenge is even greater.  We face equipping our youth with capabilities needed for creating fulfilling lives in an increasingly automated world of data, robots, devices and technology. The question we must address is how will humans bring unique value in this changing context.  Machines already are becoming experts with data oriented “artificial intelligence” and emotional intelligence is being recognized as a key future skill for humans!

To support growth of our Youth, this workshop brings forward a new paradigm that taps into multidimensional human capabilities of Mind, Heart and Awareness. The focus will be to support development of an integrated intelligence, using the mind, heart and self awareness. 

This 2-day workshop will create understanding of the Three faces and through a series of FUN, EXCITING and EXPERTIAL exercises, the participants will learn how to tap into intuition, silence, emotions, body and their intellect. They will be guided to combine these faces to a). Unleash spontaneous creativity from inside themselves and b). Innovate, using a novel and patent pending process, to solve real world problems in science, societal, business, environment etc.; with a grounding in deep love and reverence for inter-dependence of all life forms.

About the facilitator:

Niv Sharma (Ma Prem Sakshi Bhavna) will be the Facilitator. She has created the concept based on challenges faced in her life and those she has known. Her inspiration comes from Enlightened Mystic Osho’s Vision for the “New Man” and other Evolved Sages, Artists and Scientists of both the East and West.

Niv was born in India and moved to US as a young adult. She studied Engineering and Business and has been innovating in Science, Technology and Business in US & Global Corporations for 20+ years. She has been Meditating and growing in self awareness for over a decade.

She sees this workshop as an opportunity and blessing to share what she has learnt and grow further to create a life of abundance in both inner and outer dimensions.

Contact Email: [email protected]  & Osho Nirvana, 7604076746 / [email protected]

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