Rescheduled: 2-day Youth Workshop – Knowing Your Three Faces: Creating Abundance Through Self Awareness, Creativity & Innovation

June 19, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – June 21, 2020 @ 4:30 pm
Osho Nirvana
14945 Ranch Creek Ln
Valley Center
CA 92082
Osho Nirvana

Event has been rescheduled to these new dates, given the developing situation with Corona Virus in California and in the country as a preventive measure to ensure health and safety for all involved. Please stay tuned while we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation.


Knowing Your Three Faces: Creating Abundance Through Self Awareness, Creativity & Innovation
A Youth Workshop for ages 10-20 years

You are invited to a 2-day Youth Workshop being offered on June 19- June 21, 2020 at Osho Nirvana. This event is open to Youth of ages 10-20 years and their Parent(s).

WORKSHOP NAME: Knowing Your 3 Faces – Creating Abundance through Self-Awareness, Creativity and Innovation

WORKSHOP APPROACH: Humans have multi-dimensional capabilities: logic (mind), emotions (heart) and intuition (spirit). Honoring them and knowing how/when to tap into these dimensions, can create joy, abundance and growth inside our youth; reflecting in their leadership, creativity, and innovation brought forth to solve problems in the outside world,
Leading to development of real “Integrated Intelligence”, able to respond fully in the moment! A lens that is urgently needed to bring out the unique value humans can bring in an increasingly automated world, and to solve complex, uncertain problems of today / future especially those involving interdependencies of life-forms and ethical development of technologies (AI, Robotics etc). A whole, integrated intelligence as opposed to just the IQ or EQ! IMAGINE THE MAGIC THAT IS POSSIBLE WHEN INDIVIDUALS JOIN HANDS AS TEAMS TO DO THIS!

This trailblazing workshop has a unique 3 part process (patent pending) to empower the Youth with a focus on fun, experiential learning and community!

Session #1: Know and Experience your 3 Faces
Session #2: Creativity in Action
Session #3: Innovation in Action

Contact Email: [email protected]  & Osho Nirvana, 7604076746 / [email protected]
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About the facilitator:

Introducing NIV SHARMA (Ma Prem Bhavna), the creator and facilitator of the upcoming Youth Workshop – “Knowing your 3 Faces: Creating Abundance through Self-Awareness, Creativity and Innovation”

– This workshop has been developed by Niv to address what she sees as an urgent gap in our education system, which is largely mind-centric and job-centric, ignoring heart/ emotions, spirit development of our youth.

– The workshop has been inspired by Niv’s personal life events and what she sees happening in the youth world today – she is also and Aunt to five teens

– This work is inspired by Enlightened Master Osho’s vision, other Evolved Masters and Sages, Leaders, Scientists and Artists of the East and West

– Niv is a Business & Technology innovator and visionary; with a proven ability to connect uncommon dots to create value/ solutions…with experiences including:

  • 15+ years of business management and technical leadership roles in global F-100s companies
  • 10+ years of meditation, awareness, personal growth trainings in some of the best centers in the world (US, Holland, Denmark, India, Nepal, Italy)
  • 15+ years amateur artist inspired by her mother, Sarla Sharma
  • 10+ years of coaching & mentoring others within and outside organizations

CEO and Founder of IN<>OUTAbundance (TM)

Niv was born and grew up in India (East); educated and lives in the USA (West); has developed deep immersion in technologies of the inner and outer. With a formal education & career in Science, Engineering and Business Management, her innovation & creative inclinations and meditation/personal growth experiences, she brings a unique perspective to offer by connecting the “dots” of Mind, Heart and Human Spirit